Student exchange experiences in Europe


London Metropolitan University (USAC)

Esther Dawson.jpg Esther Dawson
Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)
Esther’s blog

Jamie Harris
Bachelor of Business Studies (Human Resource Management)
“One of the highlights would most definitely be traveling around Europe and England. We had the opportunity to visit the Netherlands, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy! The great thing is that it is so cheap and quick to fly to another country.”  Read more…

Ashna Sholehpak
Bachelor of Communication
“I had my own radio show on the university radio station, which was lot of work and pressure but was so worth it and an absolute highlight of my time there.”  Read more…

Amber Garrett.jpg Amber Garrett
Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies)
“A highlight for me is definitely just being able to be in London and experience life there. There is honestly so much more to London than what you see on TV and read about. There’s so many different areas and sights to take in and explore and it’s so cool that everyday you find something new to do.”  Read more…
Amber's blog

Royal Agricultural University

Jordyn Aitken - RAU.jpg Jordyn Aitken
Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science)
“Doing this student exchange has been the best decision I have made in my entire life. I have had so many wonderful, new and exciting experiences, and I have seen more places during my time at university than I could have imagined.” Read more…

University of Brighton (USAC)

Danielle Carden - Brighton.jpg Danielle Carden
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Visual Communication Design)
Danielle's blog

University of Essex

James Ross
Bachelor of Business Studies with Honours (Finance)
"I would recommend an exchange 100% without any reservation whatsoever." Read more...

Kelly Wilkinson
Bachelor of Business Studies with Honours (Finance)
"The great thing about the exchange was that on the first day everyone in the programme from all over the world was introduced and put into a room to mingle.  Everybody was alone and new and keen to make friends so it really was just like 50 instant friends!"  Read more...


European Business School

Benjamin Duthie-Jung - EBS.jpg Benjamin Duthie-Jung        
Bachelor of Aviation Management
“My biggest highlight was meeting approximately 100 other exchange students from all over the planet including countries like; France, England, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Lithuania, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, USA, Canada and many more.” Read more…

Leuphana University Lüneburg (USAC)

Matt Brittain.jpg Matt Brittain
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
"I believe I achieved my goal of breaking free of my monolingual prison. I have gained memories worth collecting, that have altered my world-view. I also have gained the confidence to travel independently and challenge myself in ways I never thought I could." Read more...

Munich University of Applied Sciences

Elena Burger-Guimaraes    
Bachelor of Design (Photography)
“I have learnt and relearnt what I am capable of. There have been many many friendships, beautiful moments with people, closer relationship with my family, adventures! So many things! It’s also been an opportunity to reinvent myself and relook at what is important to me.”  Read more…

Jay van Dijk - Munich.jpg Jay van Dijik
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Photography)
Jay's video tours

Bridget Feierabend - Munich.jpg Bridget Feierabend
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Visual Communication Design)
“The best part of my exchange was meeting people from all over the world and creating such great friendships with everyone. I was able to travel to their countries in the summer break and visit them in their home and be immersed in their cultures also. I didn’t just learn about the German culture but also the culture of many other European countries.”  Read more…
Bridget's blog

Zac Imhoof - Munich.jpg Zac Imhoof
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Industrial Design)
Zac's photography blog and videos


University of Limerick

Maria Sanson.jpg Maria Sanson
Bachelor of Arts (International History)
“One of my highlights was securing tickets to the All Blacks vs Georgia RWC pool match in Cardiff, Wales.  Myself and an Irish student I’d met on exchange flew to Cardiff for the game and it is an experience I will never forget.”  Read more…
Maria's blog and her exchange video

Kate Gumbrell.jpg Kate Gumbrell
Bachelor of Arts (Business Psychology)
“Because the rest of Europe was so close to Ireland, I was able to travel to other countries during my weekends and mid-semester breaks. It was amazing to become so close with some of the international students while living there, and go adventure together even if we had only known each other a few days!”  Read more…

Hannah Easton
Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours (Food Product Technology)
"Get involved in clubs and societies because it’s an easy way to meet lots of different people and try something new." Read more...


Universita degli Studi Tuscia, Viterbo (USAC)

Jordan Gowan - Viterbo.jpg Jordan Gowan
Bachelor of Communications
“Travelling with friends all over Italy and Europe was a definite highlight as well!”  Read more…


Wageningen University

Syn Yun Phee
Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours
“You get to learn so much about the world and meet people from all over the world. It’s an amazing experience and helps you appreciate how big and diverse the world is.”  Read more…

yining_chen_-_waganegen.jpg Yining (Nicole) Chen
Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours (Food Product Technology)
"Because it was easily to find cheap flights to other European destinations, I also went to different countries during the study breaks and Christmas Holiday: Hungary, Poland, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Austria, Monaco and Czech Republic." Read more...


University of Edinburgh

Amberley Geddis
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Philosophy)
“Definitely go for more than one semester if it is affordable. At the end of the fall semester you feel like you’re just getting to know the people in your classes before it’s all over, which is a shame. It goes really fast.”  Read more…

Bochuan Dai.jpg Bochuan Dai
Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance)
“My experience at the UoE did meet my expectations. I studied a lot in Edinburgh; and I have made some more friends from different countries over the world. I also experienced the fantastic pub culture in the Scotland.”  Read more…

University of Dundee

Lily Warring
Bachelor Design with Honours (Visual Communication Design)
“I travelled the country top to bottom and even threw Paris, Dublin and Belgium in the mix. Mostly on my own for that matter. I did so much while I was over there I feel like I aged 3 years in 6 months!”  Read more…


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Heather Tribe.jpg Heather Tribe
Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)
“I learnt that I can manage myself in a foreign country without the immediate contact of my family should I want it.”  Read more…

Uppsala University

Cameron Dickie - Uppsala.jpg Cameron Dickie    
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Anthropology)
“There were many many highlights. Making awesome life-long friends, Seeing Russia and Ukraine, travel in general.” Read more…

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