Strengths@Massey is an online talent assessment which is followed by a short series of face-to-face workshops run on campus by experienced facilitators.

Working through the Strengths programme will help you identify areas in your life where you hold the most potential – your key talents. Once you have identified your talents, you will learn how to understand them, grow them into genuine strengths, and intentionally leverage them in your life to achieve your goals.


Success: Better performance comes from doing what you naturally do best. Research has shown that successful people know and build on their talents, apply their talents in daily life and are able to make the most of their uniqueness.

Knowledge:When you know what your natural talents are, and how to maximise those in your life, you will be able to identify courses and craft a career that allows you to do what you do best.

Self-Development: Strengths is a journey where you will discover, develop and apply who you truly are. As you do this, your self-identity and personal values should become clearer, and as a result, you will likely become more confident, optimistic, and focused.

I’m ready to start my Strengths journey

This programme is offered FREE across Massey University. This will look slightly different on each campus. All eligible students will be emailed with more information early in Semester Two.

Wellington and Manawatu campus

All undergraduate students have access to Strengths@Massey at no cost. Information seminars and workshops for those who sign up, will be delivered from the week of 18th September 2017.

We are also working with Post Grad students in workshops specifically designed to assist you and your supervisor.

Auckland campus

Strengths@Massey is available to all first-year undergraduate students studying internally on the Albany campus. Workshops will start in Week Two (24 July) in Semester Two.

For more information, please contact:

Auckland – Trish Fleetwood 
Wellington – Mags Chalecka-Harris  
Manawatu – Mark Rainier 

Programme timeline

Auckland campus

Register to attend the FREE programme


Programme details

24 July Intro
31 July Discover
7 August Develop
14 August Apply

If you need further information, please email Trish Fleetwood

Manawatū campus



Week of 18 September Intro
Week of 25 September Discover
Week of 2 October Develop
Week of 9 October Apply

Wellington campus



Week of 18 September Intro
Week of 25 September Discover
Week of 2 October Develop
Week of 9 October Apply


StrengthsQuest as Kansas State University

Find out how K-State uses StrengthsQuest at their university.

Strength focuses on what is right about you, what is good about you, what those natural talents are that you have that can be brought out and worked on to become a Strength. 

I love being a part of that process with other people and alongside other people.

Dallas Harema, SNSP Accredited Coach

Registrations are now closed for 2017. 
They will re-open for 2018 next year.

S@M alumni experience

“It was a privilege to be part of S@M when I was starting my journey at Massey University."
Laura, 2nd year
"I'm grateful for the friends I made and the facilitators for their support. I am certain  I will keep coming back to my Top Five strengths as I continue my journey at Massey and beyond."
Kate, 1st year
"The past weeks have empowered me to become a stronger student and person.”
Sean, 3rd year


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