Electronics, Information and Communication Systems Engineering

electronics.jpg Electronics and computers are playing an ever-increasing role in our lives, from consumer goods to space shuttles. Massey's expertise within this area is helping to meet the challenges of today's interconnected world.

Our expertise

Image and signal processing

The full range of signal processing techniques, with particular interests in instrumentation, speech processing, and image processing.

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Embedded systems design

Expertise within interfacing of sensors, associated signal processing, instrumentation and control techniques.

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We conduct world-class research into microchip design and also have expertise in VLSI and integrated circuits.

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Advanced sensor technology

Expertise with sensing and signal processing techniques, with particular interests in instrumentation and wireless techniques. We are designing and fabricating different sensors and signal processing and applying these techniques to make a complete sensing system that will be applicable to a wide range of problems.

Contact Prof Subhas Mukhopadhyay

Telecommunications network

Expertise in all areas of telecommunications network including the internet, network planning and mobile communication networks. 

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Asparagus automatic grading system

A local business from the Horowhenua area, which exports asparagus, approached Massey about developing a machine to help speed up the grading process.

Time is money for small businesses, so if a manual process like grading can become automated it can mean an increase in productivity and a potential increase in profitability. Asparagus perishes quickly once it is harvested, so it is vital to get it on the shelves as soon as possible.

Asparagus is sold in fixed weight bundles to supermarkets, so they must comply with three criteria for the packaging process. Firstly, all items within the package should be approximately the same size. Secondly, legal requirements state that there should not be less than the stated weight within the package. Thirdly, the packinghouse will not want to significantly exceed the stated weight because this is giving away produce.

Massey developed a system that used image-processing techniques to obtain an estimate of the volume of each item, which was then related to the weight through a closed-loop calibration. Accurate weight estimations led to more accurate and better control over the spread of package weights. This reduced the average package weight by approximately 20%, with a standard deviation of 2.5g for a nominal 100g package. Before the machine was implemented, only 5-8 asparagus were processed per second, now the packinghouse is processing 15 per second.

With help from Massey University, the packinghouse improved processing efficiencies, doubled throughput and significantly increased profitability. 

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