Professional Development - Short Courses 2017

Professional short courses are a perfect way to extend your knowledge and skills or stay up-to-date with technology, trends and emerging issues. Massey University’s academic and professional staff have experience linking current research and theory to your workplace, making your learning relevant and practical.

The delivery of short professional development courses, workshops and seminars is supported at Massey University by a specialized unit: the Professional Education Centre (PaCE).  PaCE works with lecturers from the School of Nursing to develop and deliver short course offerings for professional development for healthcare practitioners.

Professor Annette Huntington:

Massey University is a long-standing provider of professional education and is committed to ensuring the highest quality learning experience incorporating current evidence-based content, delivered using a wide variety of methods. Currently the College of Health and the School of Nursing are developing a suite of short courses to meet health sector and practitioner needs. This development is underpinned by the partnership concept which requires engagement with stakeholders and results in a collaborative model of professional development and practitioner education to meet the health needs of the community that have the potential to make a difference to health of our populations.

Nursing Leadership Through Reflective Practice and Mindfulness

Dr Catherine Cook, RN, PhD, M.Counselling, Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, will facilitate this one-day workshop for groups. This evidence-based workshop is a thought-provoking opportunity for nurses in diverse roles to develop a ‘tool-kit’ for incorporating reflective practice into their everyday work. Weaving mindful moments into practice enables nurses to shift from stress-fueled reactivity to considered responses. Nurses recognize the integral contribution of reflective practice to ethical, culturally safe and clinically competent care. This course runs on request from groups in a healthcare organisation.  

Professional Supervision - Fostering Critical Reflection for Advanced Nursing Practice

Dr Catherine Cook also delivers a most successful two-day short course of on Supervision. The practical workshops demonstrate how supervision provides a context for those who are willing to reflect on practice and refine patient care. Research shows that supervision increases a sense of support and well being, enables reflection on knowledge and practice, boosts morale and decreases absenteeism. Reflective practice and critical thinking are now recognized as essential for the complexity of 21st century nursing and are included in New Zealand Nursing Council’s Competencies for registered nurses. This course runs twice a year for individual healthcare professionals. Next course: 6-7 November 2017 on the Albany campus.

Malignant Hyperthermia

Jenny Green RN, MPhilNurs, lecturer, School of Nursing, will facilitate this half-day workshop with Johanna McCamish RN, PGDipHltSci. This ClinExPD blended-learning workshop is designed for staff involved with surgical patients in both wards and perioperative clinical settings. This practical course will increase your ability to effectively engage in a Malignant Hyperthermia event. After a 1-hour pre-learning online activity there will be a 1-hour simulation involving your team. You will have a highly interactive experience, with assessment and feedback with your team. You will identify quality improvement initiatives specific for your department. This half-day course runs on request for a team of up to 20 health professionals in a hospital facility.

Clinical Teaching and Learning 

Jenny Green also delivers this two-day workshop providing a selection of evidence-based learning tools to use in clinical environments. Developing learner-focused activities is essential, for preceptors and educators, in order to capitalize on teachable moments with your clinical environment. This workshop is focused on assisting you to understand your learners by trialing a selection of teaching tools and clinical teaching skills to help you create learning activities for your specialty area. It will also enable you to present on your area of expertise with assurance at conferences and to your peers. Next courses: 21-22 August 2017 in Wellington and 13-14 November 2017 in Auckland.

Skin Infections and Infestation in Children

Tom Gorte, Senior Professional Clinician, School of Nursing, also delivers a highly successful online module, and blended learning workshops on Skin Infections and Infestation in Children. This course provides the knowledge required to empower nurses to safely asses the child, diagnose and initiate therapy inclusive of medications under standing orders. This online course runs all year and is completed in 4-6 weeks. Blended-learning workshops are run on request.

Understanding and Supporting Intersex People

Craig Waterworth RN, PG.Cert.TT, M.Sc., is a Professional Clinician, School of Nursing. This online interactive course is specifically designed for clinicians and health workers that are interested in understanding more about intersex and how it relates to practice as a healthcare professional. Intersex people, who make up 1-2% of the population, can have psychological and physiological health concerns and human rights’ needs that can be positively affected by nursing across the whole of the lifespan. This online course is completed in 4-6 weeks. Blended-learning workshops are run on request.

A Massey University Certificate of Completion is awarded to each participant who meets the course requirements satisfactorily. These short courses can be used for recognition of professional development Competencies for the New Zealand Nursing Council.

For further information on course details and fees, please contact:
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