Responsibility and citizenship research

Massey's research in this area covers wide range of cutting-edge topics and critical subjects including sustainability, corporate social responsibility, adult literacy, financial literacy, community resilience, and workplace wellbeing.


Te Au Rangahau/Maori Business and Leadership Centre

Te Au Rangahau is a Massey University research centre, providing a base for research within and for Māori business and organisations. 

Te Au Rangahau

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre

The Centre, hosted by Massey University, is a hub for interdisciplinary, academic research in social innovation and entrepreneurship.


Centre for Advanced Retail Studies

The only research centre in New Zealand focused on this sector, we are defining retail research and business engagement in New Zealand.

Centre for Advanced Retail Studies (CARS)


Healthy Workgroup

This group is interested in all forms of workplace safety and health issues with the aim of promoting healthy work. Current focus includes workplace bullying, workplace violence, information overload, musculoskeletal disorders and organisational safety culture.

Adult Literacy and Communication Group

This group has four key projects at present: demographic factors predicating low literacy levels, literacy and employment, communicating about immunisation and apprentices literacy learning.


MPOWER is the Massey People, Organisation, Work and Employment Research group. We focus on the management of people  with a view to empowering people and organisations to perform. 

Our research expertise includes

  • Sustainable business practices
  • Triple bottom line accounting
  • Social reporting
  • Social innovation and social enterprise
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Adult literacy
  • Financial literacy
  • Leadership and stewardship
  • Community resilience
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Social and environmental accounting



  • Associate Professor Gabriel Eweje

    Associate Professor Gabriel Eweje

    Associate Professor - School of Management


  • Prof Jane Parker

    Prof Jane Parker

    Professor - School of Management



  • Dr Farah Palmer

    Dr Farah Palmer

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management


A better future for nauru

Massey University research is helping to create a brighter employment future and better economic prospects for Nauru and other South Pacific nations.

Over-mining of phosphate and lack of employment diversity pose significant challenges for Nauru. A report by Massey University Professors Jim Arrowsmith and Jane Parker for the International Labour Organization (ILO) explored prospects for employment in the event of the RPC being scaled back or closed.

The new world of workplace flexibility

Our workforces are entering a new age of flexibility, driven by new digital technologies, globalisation, environmental pressures, changing demographics and new forms of social interaction and organising. But flexibility is a double-edged sword that can be both good and bad for workers.

Tim Bentley, Professor of Work and Organisation at Massey University’s School of Management and a founding member of Massey’s Healthy Work Group talks about trends in how workplaces are changing.

World survey coordinated by Massey

The New Zealand aspect of the first-ever comparative global survey of journalists was coordinated by Massey Business School staff.

The World Survey of Journalists mapped for the first time the attitudes, ethics and work practices of journalists from 80 countries around the world.

Massey University's James Hollings, Grant Hannis and Karl Pajo (with Geoff Lealand of Uni Waikato) are the New Zealand coordinators for the survey.

Results from the New Zealand phase of the study show that New Zealand journalists are generally happy in their work, and believe the New Zealand media does a good job, despite tougher work conditions in recent years.

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